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ABOUT US – CUREMAX and our manufacturing process – Exclusively manufactured to meet our demanding CureTech Specs:

.Sealed on all four edges
.Constructed of reinforced PVC, top and bottom
.A 6’ heavy duty power cord
.120 volts
.Insulated with 1/4” closed cell Microfoam insulation
.Grommets every 5’
.15 watts per square foot – This varies from blanket to blanket: (15 watts to 20 watts)
.Rolls up for easy storage
.Quick Installation
.24/7 protection
.No dangerous open flames

All of our CureMAX concrete heating products come with a full one-year warranty.

CureMAX blankets are constructed of tough reinforced PVC, and grommeted around the perimeter so they can easily be staked, tied down or joined to one another. Unlike competing electric blankets, CureMAX blankets can hang vertically while still heating the entire blanket surface (and your wall) evenly. Microfoam insulation keeps the heat spread evenly and directed to the ground or wall. All edges are sealed to keep out snow or rain. These durable blankets are reusable, roll easily and store compactly, ready for your next project.  Find out more about us – CureMAX.


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