Pouring concrete in cold weatherTips From Portland Cement Association

First of all, pouring concrete in cold weather just got a whole lot easier.  Thaw frozen ground, heat storage tanks and cure concrete all winter long with CureMAX Multi-Purpose thawing, heating and concrete/mason curing electric blankets.   We provide contractors with the heat they need to accelerate construction projects all winter long. Utilizing HeatSpread engineering, CureMAX delivers a barrier of insulated warmth that traps heat and moisture during the wet-cure process to produce a higher grade finished product in record time.  Increased PSI levels and decreased defects are among the many benefits achieved by this groundbreaking technology.  Heat outdoor storage tanks.  Thaw frozen ground dus to severe freeze cycles.  Preheat construction materials all winter long.   Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather to keep crews working and jobs on schedule (and budget).

Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather

Engineered for use in both warm and cold climates, since CureMAX protects concrete from rapid drying, freezing, and cracking during the hydration process. so, see our list of industries served. Our lightweight portable design make them a favorite for both large and small projects alike. Say goodbye to portable heaters, open flames, chemical hardeners, and costly work stoppage. Never tent another concrete job again.  Cold weather got you Stuck? CureMAX has the cure!  Pouring concrete in cold weather can be possible and profitable.

  • Preheat sand and gravel.
  • Thaw frozen ground up to 8 feet deep.
  • Melt ice & snow from job-sites.
  • Heat & freeze protection for tanks & silos.
  • Prevent concrete freezing, cracking & rapid drying.
  • Keep crews working all winter as a result of this new technology.
  • In addition, reduce cure time & increase concrete PSI.
  • Maintain even & consistent heat during hydration process.
  • Deliver a superior finished product every time, because you can.
  • Therefore, put your concrete competition out of business.

Most of All – We Answer the Questions Contractors Ask:

  • How to keep concrete crews working in the winter and make a profit?
  • and How to avoid concrete freezing?
  • How to thaw frozen ground prior to concrete pour?
  • and How to keep concrete from freezing in sub-zero temperatures?
  • How to avoid winter work stoppage?
  • and How to pour concrete in freezing temperatures?
  • Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather – Anywhere & Anytime!

As a result, hence, consequently, therefore, in conclusion – using CureMAX heated construction blankets will save you time, money and headaches.  While we attempt to keep plenty of stock on hand, demand continue to increase. We warehouse large volumes of the blankets. Due to unpredictable weather patters, stock my run low. Order early and often for best results. Please call for availability.  Quantity discounts available for resellers.

Winter Concrete Pour


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